Scenes of Palm Canyon Drive in Fraternity Vacation

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1. Scenes of Tim Robbins topless.

2. Scenes of middle-aged men wearing  polyester pants with white shoes. 

3. Over 90 minutes of 1984 fashions, hairstyles and automobiles without a single image of Richard Gere.

4. Guaranteed to bring back memories of Palm Springs during Spring Break.

5. Women in prison flick . . . an added bonus?

6. Another item you'll need to put away when family comes to visit!

7. Owning this DVD may result in injuries as houseguests scramble for the nearest exit.  Observe all necessary precautions if DVD is left in clear view, in the same room, or under the same roof as books or media referencing mid-century modern architecture, sustainable energy, drought tolerant landscaping, labradoodles or a musical film library.

10. Seller, (us) not responsible for damages resulting from buyer, (you) being mocked, ridiculed, scorned and emotionally harassed for owning, possessing, or borrowing this DVD for viewing entertainment, or other purposes.


And remember . . .

Fraternity men (Tim Robbins) "Mother" and  (Cameron Dye) "Joe" have their sights set on a sun-soaked bikini-fest down Palm Springs way. They're just hoping that Wendell (Stephen Goeffreys), the ultimate nerd whose father is paying for the trip, won't spoil the fun. Once in town, the guys run into a couple of rival frat rats and proceed to wager on who can score first with the luscious but indifferent Ashley (Sheree J. Wilson). And that's only the beginning of this outrageous and hilarious FRATERNITY VACATION!

They're sexy, they're beautiful and they're bad. Bad enough to be locked up in Pridemore Juvenile Facility, where there are no windows, no possibility of escape and no hope. Voluptous Jenny Williams (Linda Carol), a young first-time offender, learns the hard way that the rules of the outside world don't apply at this reform school. Warden Sutter (Sybil Danning) rules with an iron fist, ruthless dorm matron Edna (Pat Ast) dictates sadistic order, and Charlie (Wendy O. Williams), the unofficial head of the cell block, preys on the weak. Do Jenny and her group of friends stand a chance in such brutal surroundings? And can they even hope to escape to tell the horrible truth of Pridemore's atrocities? The answers lie in the action-packed conclusion of this cult classic favorite.

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1. Scenes of Tim Robbins topless!

2. Proof men wore polyester pants and white shoes.

3. If you weren't in Palm Springs in 1984, but wish you were, see what you missed! You might actually be glad you were somewhere else . . . like alone in your dorm room.

4. Re-live memories of cruising Palm Springs during Spring Break!

5. A forgotten piece of film, disowned by its director and never mentioned by actors can now be yours!


"Reform School Girls" added bonus!

7. See Britt Ekland's cameo role as a cocktail waitress at Zelda's nightclub in Palm Springs! (Reason enough for James Frawley to direct a low-budget film for teenage boys.)

8. Tired of playing host to annoying house guests that overstay their welcome when they visit you in Palm Springs? Play this double feature tonight, and you'll be saying sayonara before sunset tomorrow!

9. Never want to see your annoying house guests ever again? Send them on their merry way with a tasteless but meaningful gift to remember their stay with you in Palm Springs. Nothing says "never come back" like this special double feature DVD! Sorry, no discounts for bulk orders.

Hate struggling with that impossible plastic film around new DVDs? Well you needn't ruin your polished manicure to enjoy this double feature! Unlike anything in your film library, this DVD set will provide years of enjoyment without ever having to remove the protective wrap! In fact, NO DVD PLAYER IS REQUIRED to enjoy this B-movie masterpiece! How can this be you ask? Simply display the unwrapped DVD alongside your collection of books about mid-century modern architecture. Then sit back and enjoy countless hours of fun and amusement from the hair-raising reactions of your shocked and bewildered friends! Sorry, no refunds for returns of unopened product.

Unbeknownst to the 1963 filmmakers, "Palm Springs Weekend" laid a migratory path not just for college students, but for future filmmakers as well. Decades later, in the early 1980s, Hollywood returned to Palm Springs with a similar storyline featuring the antics of college kids behaving badly in a city better known as a retirement community, but looking like anything but. Twenty-two years after "Palm Springs Weekend" hit the movie theatres, "Fraternity Vacation" once again captured the naughty action of college kids taking over Palm Springs during Spring holiday. Released in 1985 by Roger Corman's New World Pictures, the film starred Tim Robbins, ("Bull Durham") along with other young actors that went on to have well known careers in television. Playing handsome frat boys were Robbins, Leigh McCloskey, ("Dallas") and Matt McCoy, ("The West Wing" ) out looking for a wild time. And as college boys often do, they are soon competing for the attention of a young beauty, played by Sheree J. Wilson ("Walker Texas Ranger"). Meanwhile, Stephen Geoffreys the college nerd, is busy wooing Amanda Bearse ("Married With Children") dauther of the Police Chief, played by veteran actor John Vernon, best known as Dean Wormer in National Lampoon's "Animal House." Several locals are spotted in the film, and 60s sex kitten Britt Ekland has a memorable cameo playing a cocktail waitress at Zelda's nightclub.

Be forewarned, "Fraternity Vacation" is one a movie with a storyline that will suck the brains right out of your head. But it's 90 fun-filled minutes worth the brain extraction for a glimpse of city landmarks and locations captured by director James Frawley, who later retired in Palm Springs. If mid-century modern architecture is what excites you about Palm Springs, you might want to close this window now and forget you visited this webpage. But if you want a better understanding about Palm Springs's reputation as a party town after the doors closed to the Chi Chi, and think there is something keenly unique about a city that has influenced cultural trends while attracting everyone from g-string flaunting college students to 20th century icons, then "Palm Springs Weekend" and "Fraternity Vacation" provide some insight into Palm Springs, California . . . a city that never grows too old to party.

Above left and far right:  Palm Canyon Drive as seen in "Fraternity Vacation."
Above center, pictured left-right: Britt Ekland, Tim Robbins, Cameron Dye and Stephen Geoffrey's at Zelda's nightclub. 

​By Bernadine Bogdanovs
Ever since Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens, Robert Conrad and busloads of young Hollywood actors ventured off to Palm Springs to shoot the 1963 film "Palm Springs Weekend," Palm Springs, California has been a well-known hot spot for college kids on Spring Break. Although "Palm Springs Weekend" is just one of several films made in the 1960s about raucous American teens, it's perhaps the only film of that era that sparked a college tradition that continues to this day. As certain as geese fly south for the winter, college kids have been flocking to Palm Springs for fun in the sun during Spring Break. It started with the help of Troy Donahue and Connie Stevens in the early 60s, and gained steam with help from the Hell's Angel's in the 70s. But in the 1990s, spring breakers got so out-of-hand, Mayor Sonny Bono was forced to initiate a "No Thong-Wearing In Public" City Ordinance in an effort to quell near-naked college girls from exposing themselves while cruising down the main drag of Palm Canyon Drive.

Located in the Heart of Palm Springs, California